What is KidsCamp?

KidsCamp is the summer-time version of our Kidstop program. It is open to any child ages 6 to 12 years old (entering Kindergarten through the summer after 5th grade). Our Valparaiso Club welcomes ages 4 and up.

We also run KidsCamp on scheduled no-school days during the school year.

The hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Where is KidsCamp offered?

KidsCamp is held out our four Club locations: Duneland, Portage, South Haven and Valparaiso. Often there will be field trips off site to make for a fun-filled summer.

KidsCamp Dates

Summer 2017 KidsCamp will be held from the last day of school through August 4.

Clubs and KidsCamp will have a hard shut down the week of August 7.

KidCamp Pricing Structure

Second child price listed in parenthesis

Valpo South Haven Portage Duneland
Registration Fee (per family) $20 $20 $20 $20
Half Day N/A $22 ($18) $22 ($18) N/A
Full Day $28 ($22) $28 ($22) $28 ($22) $28 ($22)
Weekly Half Day N/A $84 ($68) $84 ($68) N/A
Weekly Full Day $104 ($84) $104 ($84) $104 ($84) $104 ($84)
Full Summer $800 $800 $800 $800
Assistance Verification Pay Stubs F/R Lunch F/R Lunch F/R Lunch
Assistance Amount 1/2 Price 1/2 Price 1/2 Price 1/2 Price


What about middle schoolers?

At our Valparaiso site, we have expanded our program to include Teen members with our ActiviTeens program. With access to the Teen Room, gym, gamesroom, and more, Teens are supervised while getting a chance to spend time with friends.


Field Trips

What would a summer Camp program be without field trips? Weekly field trips might include any or all of the following destinations: water park, movie theater, Dunes State Park, Michigan City Zoo, Innmans, Zao Island, or a high school swimming pool. Additional fees may apply for field trips.

See your local KidsCamp Activity Guide for full field trip information.


Forms and other Resources

KidsCamp Registration Form (One form for up to 4 children)

Club Registration Form

Parent Handbook

Severe Weather Policy

Fee Assistance Form

Safe Passage Policy


Contact Us

For more information about KidsCamp in Valparaiso or Union Township, please contact us or call 219.464.7282, and speak with one of our Kidstop Directors: Maggie Beezhold (Kidstop Program Director) ext. 229 or Jennifer Hedger (Program Assistant) ext. 241.

For KidsCamp program at our other three Clubs, please call your local Club directly:
South Haven: 219.759.2565
Portage: 219.762.4613
Duneland: 219.926.9770

Click below to view your local KidsCamp Activities and program overview.

Valparaiso Activity Guide


Portage Activity Guide


Valparaiso Week-Long Camps


South Haven Themed Weeks
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