Studio 6 – Digital Music Studio

Studio 6 and our Valparaiso Club collaborated and now are helping youth to make beautiful music! Through technology, middle school kids write, edit, compose, and produce their own creative musical compositions. This program is provided in six-week intervals for a fee of $35 per session and all children receive a copy of their music!

Hear the beats created by members!

Run Across America

South Haven Club members are not only exercising through a daily running Club program, but they are mapping the miles they run across America! Each state they enter and exit through miles logged, youth learn fun facts about that state and then raise a state flag in their Club. All age groups are encouraged to participate!



Duneland Club members are learning more than just how to put Legos together – they are learning to build Legos into moving objects in the Club’s new STEM room! With an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the Club’s STEM Room is stocked with games and educational opportunities for kids of all ages. The purpose is for kids to utilize their hands and heads to build things instead of just a video game controller. This room and the program feature a Mac computer, large plasma screen television, robotics, hydraulic, and electronic game-type activities.


Code for a Day!

Our Portage Club utilizes Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Code for a Day program where Club members have the opportunity to learn computer programming and how to write code for game design, web design, or other technology driven initiatives.



Through fun, interactive lessons, My.Future teaches youth essential digital literacy skills, which are necessary to succeed in school and the job market.



NetSmartz is an Internet safety program produced with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children with age-appropriate interactive lessons and activities. Employing computer-based tutorials with state-of-the-art animation, the program delivers games to younger participants and interactive quizzes to teens. Lessons learned through these multimedia materials are reinforced through interaction with and guidance from Club professionals.

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