Safe Passage Policy

Since the incorporation of Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County in 1971, our organization has operated under the traditional Club ‘Open Door’ policy in which our doors are open to all members at any time during hours of operation. Safety of children and our Club members is a top priority of our organization and, as a result, we are switching to a Safe Passage Policy effective June 15, 2015.

The policy reads as follows:

For members under the age of 12, a parent, guardian or other pre-authorized adult must retrieve the member from the Club. Members age 12 and older may leave the Club unescorted with written permission from a parent or guardian. Members 12 and older may also escort other members of their household from the Club. No member, regardless of age, will be allowed to return to the Club once they leave the premises for the day. The Club will not physically restrain a member that insists on leaving the Club, nor block the facility’s exits. Therefore, it is each parent’s responsibility to discuss the Club’s Safe Passage Policy with his or her child and ensure that he or she complies. The Club will not accept responsibility for members that leave the Club unsupervised and in breach of this policy. The Club does, however, reserve the right to discipline members that leave unescorted without written permission, up to and including suspension and termination of membership.

New Policy Highlights

  • Improving safety of Club members by encouraging them to stay at the Club rather than leave unsupervised.
  • Club members ages 12 and under must be retrieved by a parent/guardian coming into the Club.
  • Members ages 12 and older may leave the Club unsupervised only with written permission from a parent/guardian. Also, members ages 12 and older may escort younger Club members home, again, with expressed written permission from a parent/guardian.
  • Once a Club member leaves a Club for the day, they will not be permitted to return.
  • Phone calls from a parent/guardian expressing permission for a child to leave Club premises will not be accepted. Permission must be given in written form.
  • Club personnel will not restrain or block a Club member who insists on leaving the Club without permission.
  • It is up to a parent/guardian to discuss the new Safe Passage Policy with their child(ren).
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County reserves the right to discipline members that leave unescorted


Parent Orientations

If you wish to learn more about our Safe Passage Policy, please contact your Club Director and they can review the policy in person with you and answer any questions.


Please complete the Authorization Update Form

This form is used for the following:

  • Authorized adults to pick up your child
  • Members 12 years or older who can leave the Club unescorted
  • Members 12 and younger who can leave the Club with an approved sibling who is 12 years or older.


Parent/Member Handbook

Please refer to our Parent/Member Handbook for all information and guidelines related to the Club.
For more information visit your local Club or attend a parent orientation on the dates listed above.

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